LiveGood vs. USANA Showdown: Who Wins?

What USANA Doesn’t Want You to Know: Uncovering LiveGood’s Superior Health Solutions

The Simple Guide to USANA’s Affiliate Program

If you’ve ever wondered how clicking “share” on your favorite health supplements can turn into cash, you’re in the right place. Let’s break down *USANA’s Affiliate Program.

What’s This All About?

Imagine telling your friends about a great movie. They watch it, love it, and thank you for the recommendation. Now, picture this: what if the cinema paid you every time someone watched the movie because you suggested it?

That’s essentially what LiveGood and USANA’s Affiliate Programs do with their health products.

LiveGood vs. USANA

The Perks of Joining USANA as an Affiliate

  • Make Money by Sharing: Love USANA products? Tell others and get 15-20% of their purchase price as your reward.
  • Keep Earning: The best part? Every time your friends buy more, you earn again. It doesn’t matter if they’re first-timers or loyal fans.
  • More Friends, More Money: Bring other affiliates on board, and you’ll earn a commission on their sales, too. Affiliates who refer other Affiliates enjoy additional rewards—10% of everything their referral earns.
  • Save on Your Own Buys: Being an affiliate gets you a neat 10% discount on your own USANA shopping. Plus, sign up for regular deliveries and save even more.

How Does It Work?

  1. Get Your Unique Link: USANA gives you a particular link to share once you’re in.
  2. Share and Earn: Post it, email it, text it – however you share it, when someone buys through your link, you get a slice of the sale.
  3. Track Your Earnings: Log into your Affiliate Dashboard on USANA’s website to see how much you earn.

Long-Term Rewards

Your earnings aren’t limited to first-time buys. Whether your buddies are stocking up or trying something new, you earn as long as they buy. And if they sign up as Preferred Customers, they’re tied to you for good, making you money without lifting a finger.

Spreading the Word

Feeling ambitious? Tell others about the affiliate program. If they join and start selling, you’ll receive a bonus from their earnings, too. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

What About the Products?

USANA doesn’t skimp on quality. Whether you’re after nutrition or skincare that makes you glow, as an affiliate, you get these premium products at a discount. To activate the 10% off, you need to have an auto-shipping order every month.

The Nitty-Gritty

  • Returns? No Problem: USANA offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, keeping things fair and square.
  • Where It Works: This gig is up and running in the US, Canada, and most other countries.
  • Getting Paid: Earn over $5, and you get paid weekly. Direct deposit makes it easy.


USANA’s Affiliate Program is more than just an earning opportunity; it’s a chance to be part of a community that values health, wellness, and financial freedom. Whether you’re a health enthusiast or looking for a side hustle, this program offers a simple yet effective way to achieve your goals.

*Note: Usana active members 483k (Source: FY 2023 • 10-K)

Ready to get started? 

Not so fast because LiveGood has a better response, and you definitely have to love it. 

A Deep Dive into LiveGood’s Affiliate Commission Plan

Let’s break down the LiveGood Affiliate Commission Plan.

Health First, Wealth Follows

At LiveGood, we prioritize your health by offering top-quality products without the middleman, meaning you get what you need for less. But it’s not just about saving money on purchases; it’s also about the chance to earn through our industry-leading compensation plan. 

LiveGood’s business model incorporates membership, similar to Costco’s (they sell cheap products, LiveGood as well). The only difference is that you also earn from the membership cost with LiveGood. All LiveGood products have a 90-day empty bottle guarantee.

7 Ways to Earn with LiveGood

How to register with Livegood | LiveGood Registration

1 . Weekly Fast Start Commissions: A Quick Cash Boost

When you introduce someone to LiveGood, and they sign up as both a member and an affiliate for $49.95, you pocket a $25 commission the very next week. Plus, you’ll see bonuses flowing up to 10 levels deep as your referrals grow their circles.

2 . Matrix Commissions: Your Personal Business Center

By joining LiveGood, you’re placed in a 2×15 matrix that fills up as more people join your team. The earlier you join, the better your spot and the more you can earn from the community’s growth. This setup ensures continuous earning potential based on membership fees.

3 . Matching Bonuses: The Big Earner

Here’s where things get even more interesting. In addition to personal matrix earnings, you can match a whopping 50% of the matrix commissions from those you enroll directly and earn bonuses from their recruits up to five levels deep. This means the potential for significant earnings as your network expands.

4 . Retail Commissions: Earn on Every Sale

Whenever your referrals choose to buy LiveGood products at retail prices, you earn 50% of the difference between the member price and the retail price. It’s a fantastic way to keep earning as your referred customers continue to shop.

5 . Customer Acquisition Bonuses: Rewarding Your Efforts

For every new member you bring in who places their first product order, you’re rewarded with a 10% bonus for that order, amplifying your earnings right from the start.

6 . Influencer Bonuses: The More You Sell, The More You Earn

Additional bonuses are available for those who market LiveGood products to a broader audience. The more retail customer volume you generate in a month, the higher your total commission percentage will be, up to an incredible 100%.

7 . Diamond and Crown Diamond Bonus Pools: Share in the Success

Reaching the Diamond or Crown Diamond rank opens the door to share 2% or 0.5% of the total company sales monthly. It’s our way of saying thank you to our top performers for their hard work and dedication.

Conclusion: Your Path to Wellness and Wealth

LiveGood’s Affiliate Commission Plan is designed to reward your passion for health and wellness by offering multiple income streams. Whether you’re looking to save on premium health products for you or earn through sharing them, LiveGood provides a comprehensive plan to support your goals.

*Note: LiveGood active members over 1 million (Source: website 2024)

Ready to embark on a journey of health transformation and financial empowerment? 

Join LiveGood today and start shaping your future.

Product Pricing and Sales Potential – LiveGood vs. Usana


  • It eliminates the high prices and offers high-quality products at significantly lower prices.
  • The affordability of LiveGood products can lead to higher sales volume, as customers are more inclined to purchase and repurchase without the hesitation that comes with higher-priced items.
  • Given the broader customer base willing to try and continue buying these products, more sales potentially translate to more affiliate commission opportunities.


  • It offers products backed by scientific research and high manufacturing standards, with a very high price point.
  • The premium pricing might appeal to a specific market segment looking for top-tier health and wellness products. Still, the higher costs could limit the customer base and frequency of purchases.

Commission Structure and Earnings – LiveGood vs. Usana


  • Offers a dynamic compensation plan, including $25 for each new member and affiliate signup, matrix commissions, matching bonuses, retail commissions, and more, providing multiple income streams. (7 ways to earn with Livegood) and the cheapest way to buy healthy products.
  • The diverse earning opportunities and product affordability may allow affiliates to generate commissions more frequently. 


  • Affiliates earn 15-20% in commissions, benefiting from initial and repeat purchases. The program also rewards affiliates for referrals and offers personal purchase discounts.
  • While the commission rates are attractive, the higher product prices might result in lower sales volume, potentially affecting overall earnings.

Affiliate Support and Resources

Both companies substantially support their affiliates, including marketing tools, tracking dashboards, and training resources. The effectiveness of an affiliate’s marketing efforts, combined with the company’s support, plays a critical role in determining Success in either program.

My Conclusion: The Clear Winner LiveGood

Considering product pricing, sales potential, and the comprehensive nature of the compensation plans, LiveGood emerges as the more appealing option for many affiliates. 

The lower pricing of LiveGood’s products can lead to a higher sales volume and more memberships, which means more commission opportunities.

This is not to say that USANA doesn’t offer value; its focus on premium, scientifically-backed products caters to a niche market willing to pay more for the same product/quality. 

But Why Do You Pay Double or Triple For The Same Product?

Ultimately, the choice between LiveGood vs. USANA’s affiliate programs is personal preference and market focus. For those looking to maximize sales volume with competitively priced, quality products, LiveGood offers a compelling proposition. USANA remains a strong contender for affiliates who are passionate about health and wellness products and confident in their ability to market these to a specific audience.

In summary, while both programs have their merits, LiveGood’s combination of affordable premium products and a multi-faceted compensation plan provides a broader base for sales and commissions, making it the standout choice for affiliates focused on maximizing their earning potential.

LiveGood’s mission to eliminate the higher prices is a game-changer in the wellness industry, especially when offering premium products at significantly lower prices. By cutting out intermediaries, LiveGood can pass on considerable savings to its customers and members, making high-quality health supplements more accessible. 

Let’s break down the numbers using the example of Vitamin D3K2 to illustrate the substantial savings LiveGood offers compared to USANA.

LiveGood vs. USANA product compare Vitamin D3 and K2

A Comparative Look at Vitamin D3 K2 Pricing

ProductBrandD3 (mcg)K2 (mcg)Member PriceRetail Price
Vitamin D3K2 LiveGood5090$8.50$13.95
Vitamin D3 USANA503010% off with autoship$26.00
Vitamin K2 USANAn/a18010% off with autoship$30.75

USANA’s Pricing:

  • Vitamin D3 (50mcg) & Vitamin K2 (30mcg) costs around $26.35 84 Tablets/Bottle
  • Vitamin K2 (180mcg) alone is priced at $30.75. 28 Tablets/Bottle

LiveGood’s Pricing:

  • Vitamin D3K2, offering D3 (50mcg) and K2 (90mcg), is available to members at just $8.50, with the retail price being $13.95. 60 Tables/Bottle

Membership Cost vs. Savings

With a LiveGood membership costing $9.95 per month, the difference in product pricing becomes apparent even when purchasing just a single bottle of Vitamin D3K2. The savings become even more significant when considering purchasing multiple products.

Savings on Multiple Bottles

Let’s consider you’re buying five bottles of multivitamins or a mix of different products for your family’s monthly supply:

USANA Scenario:

  • Purchasing similar products could easily cost over $130 (5 bottles at an average of $26 each).

LiveGood Scenario:

  • For 5 bottles of Vitamin D3K2 at the member price of $8.50 each, the total cost is $42.50.
  • Even when adding the monthly membership fee of $9.95, the total expenditure is $52.45.

Detox Support Products

ProductBrandMember PriceRetail PriceDays Supply
Usana Hepasil10% with autoship$45.3830 days
LiveGood Super Greens$18.00$24.0030 days

USANA’s Pricing:

  • Hepasil costs around $45.38 for 84 Tablets/Bottle for 30 days supply

LiveGood’s Pricing:

  • Organic Super Greens is available to members at just $18.00, with the retail price being $24.00. 7.2oz for 30 days supply

The Bottom Line: Your Savings with LiveGood

Comparing the two scenarios, it’s evident that choosing LiveGood for your wellness needs can lead to substantial savings. 

Specifically, in this example, choosing LiveGood over USANA for five bottles of supplements could save you around $77.55 or more, depending on the products selected. This calculation doesn’t even account for the additional benefits of the LiveGood membership, including access to other premium products at similarly reduced rates and the opportunity to earn through their affiliate program.

For those looking to support their family’s health without overspending, LiveGood presents an economically sound option that doesn’t compromise product quality. It also allows you to promote something affordable and pure, as LiveGood gives you access to all the product certificates of analysis.

In summary, LiveGood’s business model makes premium health supplements more affordable and represents a smart choice for budget-conscious consumers looking to maximize their wellness investment. 

Whether stocking up on multivitamins or exploring a range of health and wellness products, LiveGood offers an attractive proposition that delivers quality and value.

*Disclaimer: USANA Health Sciences, Inc. is a registered company. I do not own any rights to the USANA name or brand. Using the USANA name here or in any related communications is purely for comparative purposes, focusing on product prices within the market. It’s important to note that all information regarding USANA products mentioned is sourced directly from materials published by USANA. They are solely responsible for the accuracy and reliability of such information. This content is freely accessible online through USANA’s official domains or news articles. All trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned belong to their respective owners.

**The insights and recommendations provided here regarding the use and benefits of the products are intended solely for informational purposes. This information does not aim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent health conditions or diseases. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional for any concerns or questions about a medical condition or supplement use. Users are fully responsible for the safe and proper application of these products.

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