How to Easily Order LiveGood Products Online: Step-by-Step Guide

I will show you how to order LiveGood products online step by step, but first, let’s discuss LiveGood briefly.

LiveGood is a USA company selling wellness products with a membership and the opportunity to earn money as an affiliate. You can buy LiveGood products as a member with lower prices or retail prices if this buy is a one-time offer. They send the products from the USA and Germany, and other places will open soon. Read my detailed review on LiveGood Membership here.

Buy LiveGood Membership

At LiveGood, we have two simple membership options designed to suit your needs:

1. Monthly Membership: For just $9.95 per month, you can access unbeatable wholesale prices on our entire range of products.

2. Yearly Membership: Save even more with our annual plan, priced at $99.95, which gives you a 20% discount on your membership. That’s a whole year of incredible savings on your favorite LiveGood supplements!

Join Now and Unlock a World of Savings with LiveGood Membership Plans!


The best part? 

Even buying just one product per month can cover the cost of your membership! And with no limit on the number of products you can purchase or the savings you can enjoy, becoming a member is a smart choice for anyone looking to invest in their health.

Sign up today and start enjoying exclusive discounts on LiveGood productsRemember, you can cancel your membership anytime.

LiveGood Affiliate / Distribuitor

To become an authorized affiliate/distributor, you must pay a one-time fee of $40. If you promote LiveGood and start building your team, you can earn monthly income. You can watch the LiveGood FREE Webinar here, where I discuss LiveGood and the best opportunity to make a real work-from-home business.

How To Order LiveGood Products Online: Step-by-Step Guide

*At the time of writing, you can have $5 off on your first purchase by submitting your name and email.

Follow the Steps Below:

1. You can access the site address here: Going directly to the shop.

2. Choose the desired product or products and click “ADD TO CHART.” 

How to Order LiveGood Products Online

After you choose all the products, press the Checkout button, or you can find the trolley icon in the top right corner.

3. On the checkout page, you have a few options to choose from:

A- If you choose to save some money, you can become a member by paying $10 a month (you can cancel at any time) and follow the next steps.

How to Order LiveGood Products Online

In our image, you can save $52. If you become a member by paying $10, you still save $42; you can access the member prices for any other purchases. 

B- If you don’t want to get involved with a subscription, press the option “CHECKOUT” and complete your details to create an account, insert payment details, and complete your order.

C- If you are already a member, press the “Login To Save” option to access the member prices. I recommend logging in first, then starting to buy the products.

D- After pressing “checkout,” you need to:

How to Order LiveGood Products Online
  1. Complete personal info: name, email, and phone.
  2. Create Your Account: Choose an easy-to-remember username. Choose a password and note down your details for easy recall when logging in later. 

E- Shipping information. Complete your address and ensure it is correct; sometimes, autocomplete is wrong. Then, complete your purchase. 

F- Well done, you just completed your first purchase on LiveGood. Enjoy!

How To Become an Affiliate/Distributor Of LiveGood

Becoming an affiliate is easy. You are automatically accepted after you pay the one-time fee of $40 to activate your account. You can get the free tour to access the Free LiveGood Trainings Webinars and see all the options available on your account.

How to register with Livegood | LiveGood Registration

The second option is to click here, and you will be redirected to the Pay Plan page. Your membership must also be active to stay active. 

How to Order LiveGood Products Online

How Do I track my shipment from LiveGood?

Step 1: Log in to Your LiveGood account

Step 2: Choose Order History and click the “Link”

Step 3: The word “link” will open a new page with the tracking code, and you will see the status of your parcel. Click the option details. Then you will know where the parcel is at that moment. This option is excellent, especially for international shipping, as you can see if the parcels are is stuck in customs.

How Do I track my shipment from LiveGood-

How Do I Change My Delivery Address on LiveGood?

How Do I Change My Delivery Address on LiveGood?

Step 1: Go to “My Info”

Step 2: Press “Change” on the Shipping Address and change it to a new address, then press “Save.”

I have changed the shipping address a few times because I wanted to use my account and send the products to my family in a different place/country. So, I changed the address, waited a few minutes, and started buying the products. You can change back after your purchase is finished in case you forget, and future shopping will go to the same address.

On the same page, you can change your info (don’t change your username if you already promote as an affiliate), and also payment info:

What is the difference between an Affiliate, a Member, and a Retail Customer?

The terms “Affiliate,” “Member,” and “Retail Customer” describe different ways individuals can engage with LiveGood’s offerings, each with its own set of benefits and roles:

1. Member

Members subscribe to LiveGood’s services for a monthly fee of $9.95 or an annual fee of $99.95. This subscription grants them access to wholesale/member prices for all LiveGood products. The membership is designed for individuals who regularly purchase LiveGood’s health and wellness products at reduced prices, maximizing their savings over time.

2. Retail Customer

Retail Customers purchase LiveGood products without subscribing to the membership plan. They pay the retail price for products, which is higher than those offered to Members. Retail Customers might prefer this option if they only make one purchase or wish to try them before committing to a membership.

3. Affiliate

Affiliates participate in LiveGood’s compensation plan and can earn income by promoting LiveGood products or referring new members/customers to LiveGood. An affiliate can also be a member, enjoying the benefits of wholesale prices while earning from referrals and sales, a retail customer, or even someone who neither purchases products at a discount nor regularly participates in the business opportunity. The Affiliate status is ideal for those leveraging their network to build a business around LiveGood’s offerings.

Where To Find The Certificates of Analysis of the Products

If you want to discover more details about a product and to see if they have premium ingredients, you can access the certificates located here or follow the next steps:

Step 1: Log in to your LiveGood account.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for “Certificates of Analysis

How Do I Return a Product Back to LiveGood

For Product Purchases:
All LiveGood products have a 90-day empty bottle guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with
any of our products for any reason,
send back the unused portion or empty bottle to:
LiveGood Returns
1201 Jupiter Park Dr.
Unit 5
Jupiter, Fl 33458
Be sure to include your name or your order ID number on the order. Print the receipt. You pay the parcel returns fees.

For Membership Purchases:
LiveGood monthly membership charges can be refunded up to 7 days from the charge date
if no product purchases were used with the membership.

LiveGood yearly membership charges will be refunded 100% if requested within 7 days if never
used, and 50% if requested within 90 days. After 90 days, no refund will be given.
To request a refund for a LiveGood membership, simply send an email to
with the name and/or ID number on the account.

For Affiliate Join Fees:
LiveGood Affiliate join fees can be refunded if requested within 7 days of joining

How to Cancel or Renew My LiveGood Membership

How to Cancel or Renew My LiveGood Membership

Step 1: Go to “My Membership” in your left options

Step 2: Press Cancel my Membership and follow the instructions.

To Renew Your LiveGood Membership

Step 1: Press the “Pay now for another year “

Step 2: You have the option to pay yearly or monthly.

I usually pay for a year because I get 3 months free, and with the money, I buy Super Reds 🙂

Register Free for LiveGood Presentation and See All The Bonuses You Get If You Register As An Affiliate From this page.

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